Our History

In 2005, Erik Ewers had been working with filmmaker Ken Burns for 15 years, and while still fully engaged in editing Ken’s films he endeavored to do something more. Within a year’s time, Erik and producer Julie Coffman were creating short promotional “mini-documentaries” for private clients, businesses and non-profits alike. 

By 2009, with the introduction of Christopher Loren Ewers as cinematographer, their small operation rose to a new level—introducing high-profile clients, larger ventures, and a refreshingly new and exciting visual look to their projects. By 2010, award-winning editing combined with top-industry cinematography and producing brought about a perfect collaboration, called Ewers Brothers.

Ewers Brothers Productions represents the collective vision of Julie Coffman, Erik and Christopher Loren Ewers; a unique combination of the Ken Burns storytelling style with a contemporary and edgy cinematic flair; one that focuses on the raw emotional power of the story.  All stories—both past and present, express the human desire to share wisdom and experience—and Ewers Brothers was created to expertly interpret those stories into all forms of visual media: in advertising, promotion, and especially in short-form and feature length documentary film for television.

Ewers Brothers Productions, llc specializes in all aspects of the filmmaking process: from concept to completion, with integrity and without bias. It's not about us, it's about the story.